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Selective Solutions started as an IT company in 1995 and was registered with the State of Georgia as a Corporation in 1999, In the years since then the company has grown steadily investing in new technology as it became available and investing in educating and certifying its engineers.
We have CompTIA +, CompTIA Network+ and 3CX Certified engineers on staff.

We offer the following services:

Managed Services

  • We offer our customers Managed Service contracts allowing them to budget their IT


  • We also offer a Break/Fix service for ad hoc maintenance and repair.

Telephone Services

  • We offer fully featured, managed, maintained and serviced VoIP digital phone systems.
  • We provide managed firewalls and routers to prevent hacking attempts and to manage users access to resources outside their network.
    As anti-virus software is no longer an adequate response to viruses, we provide a combined response that provides a far more secure environment.

  • We provide, maintain, repair and service Windows® workstations. This includes hardware repair, software repair and configuration and the removal of Spyware, Bloatware, Viruses and other software that impacts on the performance of a workstation.


We provide, maintain, repair and service Windows® Servers. This includes:

  • Managing Users and Security
  • Promotion and Demotion
  • Transfer of FSMO Roles
  • Customized scripts
  • Scheduling
  • Other normal server tasks

Network Devices and Appliances

  • Install and configure network devices and appliances such as:
  • Printers
  • NAS Storage
  • iSCSI Arrays
  • Scanners


  • Consult on network infrastructure.
  • Configure and plan sub-nets.
  • Install cabling.

Switches and Routers

  • Install, Manage and Configure switches, routers and firewalls. While we are familiar with most Firewalls we use and are most familiar with Sophos (Astaro) and PFsense.
Backup and Disaster Recover (BDR)

  • We provide a full service BDR solution for Servers and Workstations. We create image backups only as we have found file backups are a recipe for disaster.
  • Backups are stored on premise so that they are easily accessible for restore.
  • To protect against Fire, Theft and Flood images can be moved to the cloud on a schedule.
  • All backups have a minimum of 30 days retention to provide a defense against Ransomware and file corruption of seldom used files.
  • All images are fully restorable images that can be restored in dissimilar hardware where necessary. New drivers are slipstreamed into the restore.


  • We offer a cloud based full Microsoft® Exchange Email solution with full MAPI.

Office 365

  • We provide, support and manage Office 365 solutions.

Help Desk

  • We have a full time Help Desk during working hours – 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday to Friday to assist with most issues that can be resolved remotely.

Ticket System

  • Tickets for non-emergency issues can be entered into the ticketing system by email.

Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, Selective Solutions is here to team up with you and your company for expert support.


Selective Solutions, LLC

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