Backups and Business Continuity Solutions

Having a backup is one thing, having a Business Continuity Solution is what you really need.

What is a Business Continuity Solution?

If you have a critical computer crash and fail, whether it is a Server or a Workstation, it can take several days to get parts and repair it before you get it back. Add another day to get a backup restored and working. Meanwhile, you are down for several days.

Our solution is different.

The Backup Continuity Solution we offer creates a backup image that can be booted as a virtual computer that you can use while the broken computer is repaired. We can have you back up and running in less than 5 Minutes. You can then use the virtual machine to continue your business while we repair the broken one. This gives you Business Continuity, turning a catastrophe into a minor annoyance.

Why do I need a cloud backup as well?

You don’t. But a cloud backup provides protection against Fire, Theft and Flood. If your building burns down (it happens), is flooded, locked down as a crime scene, part of an evacuation plan for your area or you had all your computers stolen including your on-premise backup, what then?

Your network will be completely accessible as a totally cloud based virtual network. We can get you up in a day so that your business does not die with your network.

Automated Backups

Automated backups can be run as often as every 15 minutes providing total peace of mind.


A backup that is not monitored is no backup at all.

There is nothing quite so heart wrenching is to have a catastrophic computer failure only to find that your backups stopped working 6 months ago.

To make sure you have a good restorable backup that is not broken, we automatically launch a virtual computer from each backup every night. Once the computer boots, it takes a screen shot of the login screen so that you know you have a good backup that is restorable.

We monitor your backups daily and can even send you a daily email with a screen shot of each login screen to let you know you had a successful backup the previous day.

That lets you sleep at night.

What do I need to get started?

Selective Solutions provides all of the hardware you need, configures it and configures it to suit your needs. Once everything is up and running, we will manage it to make sure it stays that way.


All the hardware carries a 5 year warranty. Anything that breaks will be replaced free of any charge. No charge for labor or parts.

But wait, there is more.

Hopefully your business will grow during the next 5 years. If you outgrow your backup hardware, no problem. During the first 3 years you will be upgraded to the next level with more storage. We will take your old hardware back and credit you the full purchase price against the price of the new hardware with more storage. So all you pay is the difference. That is a deal that is hard to beat.

Don’t let a catastrophe be catastrophic.

Don’t wait for a catastrophic failure to put your business in jeopardy, call us before that happens and let us fill in all the details.

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