Learn about Malware and more

We must all be concerned about Whiteware, Greyware, and Blackware – and recognize that they apply to cell phones as well.

Trojans have been found on newly shipped low-cost phones from lesser-known brands —mostly based in China— such as League, Google, Vertex, Advan, Cherry Mobile, and others.

The malware was and is present in the devices which are sold not only in Russia but globally in Poland, Indonesia, China, tCzechzec Republic, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Serbia. It won’t be long before we will see these phones being sold unlocked in the US on places like EBay, Craig’s List and possibly even Amazon.

Researchers figured out that a software developer from Shanghai was most likely the source of the Triada infection which allows the infection to provide information on any banking apps installed on your phone.

We recommend that you stay away from the very low end phones advertised and do not buy used phones from places like EBay and Craig’s List. They may be unlocked, but they may also provide the tools for a hacker to unlock your bank account.


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