Cloud and Cloud Backups

What is the Cloud? The Cloud just means somebody else’s computer. So, if you are making backups to the cloud it just means that backups are on someone else’s computer somewhere. Definitely not on a cloud!

As with all backups, if there is no monitoring, you do not have a real backup in place. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told “Yes, we have a backup” but the backup either never worked or it stopped working months ago and nobody knew. Just because it’s on the “Cloud” and not on premise does not mean anything except it’s on some computer that’s not on your premises.

  1. So the most important thing with a backup is that it must be monitored every day or you will have no idea whether you have backup or not.
  2. The second thing to take into account is whose Cloud is your backup on. If you bought your backup from someone reselling someone else’s cloud and that person either goes out of business or disappears, where are your backups. They may still be somewhere, but if you do not know whose system they were reselling, you will have no idea whwre they are.
  3. Third, if you have a large backup it may take two weeks to backup into the cloud over your internet connection. It may also take two weeks to get it back provided it downloads without a hiccup.

Selective Solutions always recommends an on-premise backup as your first line of defense for the reason’s shown in (2) and (3) with a cloud backup to protect you from Fire, Theft or Flood.

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