The Skinny on Email Security

What you need to know

Standard Email

Standard email is just like sending a postcard through the mail. Anyone and Everyone can read it with no problem. Not very secure to say the least when your email contains sensitive information like Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers and other sensitive information.


Transport Layer Security is the new secure way of sending email, but it has a hole in it. If the mail server you are using for your email supports TSL (Ours does) then your email from your desk to your mail server is secure and encrypted. However, it has to get from your mail server to the recipients mail server and if their mail server does not support TLS then after it leaves your mail server it is no longer encrypted.


Secure Socket Layer has been replaced with TSL


CipherPost™ guarantees the security of your email as the email never leaves your mail server and is fully encrypted while it is stored there. If you subscribe to CipherPost™, sending a secure email is easy. Just click the Send Secure button in Outlook and the email is sent to the server using TSL and stored as an encrypted CipherPost email on the server. The recipient receives an email with a Link and a Password. They click the link and enter their password and the email is opened on the server and is never transmitted to the recipients desktop, so it remains secure whether the recipients email is secure or not.

Because you are in complete control of the email as it never leaves your account, if you delete the email, the recipient no longer has access to it because it no longer exists. This is the most secure way of managing sensitive information by email.

BIG shout out for Selective Solutions for solving a giant problem preventing us from working.

In a thoroughly impressive and professional way they took control of my computer remotely and removed some intrusive and despicable software that was ruining our ability to work and be productive.

Simon W.


Selective Solutions, LLC

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